What Bluetooth Headphones Work With PS4

What Bluetooth Headphones Work With PS4

The PS4 is one of the most popular gaming consoles to date. There is no reason to deny this with the massive community that supports Sony and their console. With standard wired headphones becoming obsolete, gamers are doing what they are known for and flocking to the newest technology. Not wanting to be tied down by their headphones, gamers are wondering what Bluetooth headphones work with PS4.

As a gaming console, Sony’s focus is mainly on their customers. They want to make sure all their fans are happy. Since the demand for a fully wireless experience when gaming is so high, Sony has invested in their own headset. This is no surprise.

However, what is shocking is the lack of additional hardware compatible with the PS4. Sony has done a good job controlling the market and making sure there are few competitors. Limiting the competition means limiting the amount of Bluetooth headphones that work with the PS4.

Luckily, Sony delivers with their headset. Other headphones on the market must do a lot to keep up. Offering additional features such as a bass boost and a unique design, other headphones can compete. They provide in the areas that Sony does not with their headphones.

Official Sony PS4 Headset

One of the most popular headphones for the PS4 is the official release Sony headset. The headset is made exactly with gaming in mind. It produces high-quality sound and provides amazing comfort suitable for hours of gaming. Sony even had the brilliant idea of allowing for different custom audio modes for their popular games such as Uncharted 4 and Ratchet and Clank.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Official headset for the PlayStation 4
  • Connects to all PlayStation devices including the PS4, PS3, and PS Vita
  • Also works with certain mobile devices
  • Great mic clarity
  • Full PS4 integration


  • Connects to USB dongle instead of the built in PS4 Bluetooth function
  • Not very sturdy

Afterglow PDP Wireless Headset

Another headset designed specifically for the PS4, Afterglow’s PDP Headset is truly wireless. With no cord to connect to your controller, you can freely move around without any restrictions. These head phones feature two modes depending on the type of gamer you are. There is a pure audio mode that simply plays the audio like any other headset.

Then you have the bass boost mode which increases the amount of bass you hear while gaming. The headset is designed with a flexible mic, allowing for you to remove it when you please. The noise canceling technology in this device reflects on the well-made design. It also features echo canceling unlike most headsets.


  • Up to 40 feet of wireless connectivity
  • Two audio modes: pure audio and bass boost
  • Noise-cancelling
  • Echo-cancelling
  • 16-hour battery life
  • Completely wireless
  • Adjustable headband
  • Removable mic


  • No volume control for mic on headset
  • Must unplug receiver for audio to play through the TV again
  • Glow does not turn off

Kotion Each B3506 Bluetooth Headphones

Made for the PlayStation 4, the Kotion Each Headphones also work with smartphones via Bluetooth. Unlike the other two headphones on our list, these headphones connect via wire to the PS4 controller. Although made for the PS4, these headphones come equipped with multifunctional keys. You can power on and off, hang up, reject, and redial calls.

There are also buttons for controlling the volume and changing songs. The ear pads are filled with soft leather for comfort. They also are good at canceling out background noise. The ergonomic headband is adjustable to fit all head sizes. The built-in mic provides high-quality phone calls as well as game chat for multiplayer games.


  • Multi-purpose. Connects to phone and PS4
  • Multifunctional buttons for controlling multiple things
  • Lightweight design
  • Adjustable headband


  • Must connect via cable to PS4 controller
  • Unique shape may be uncomfortable for some
  • Not very durable

Using Unsupported Headphones with the PS4

Although it is not advised, some gamers have found a way to connect unsupported headphones with the PS4. Those who already love popular headphone brands like Turtle Beach wanted to stick with something they love. Apparently using a Bluetooth USB dongle with the PS4 allows for this to work.

The PS4 allows for third party USB dongles to be used which means this does not break any warranty on your system. Due to the lack of available headsets, I can see why gamers would choose to go this route. More research should be done before going this route or you might end up wasting unnecessary money.

What Bluetooth Headphones Work with PS4

Despite the popularity of the PlayStation 4, the number of compatible Bluetooth headphones is small. This is remedied as Sony has invested in creating an official Bluetooth headset. Considering it was made by the same company that makes the PS4, it is the best option to go with. You do not have to worry about connectivity issues.

With full PS4 integration, the seamless transition that the headphones provide is worthwhile. The headset connects to all official licensed devices by Sony including the PS4, PS3, and PS Vita so if you are an avid PlayStation fan then you will not be disappointed.

Being able to connect to all your PlayStation products as well as your mobile device provides immense value. With custom audio modes built in for popular PS4 titles, your gaming experience can be enhanced just by getting these headphones.

Connecting through a USB dongle and the lack of durability should not be that big of a deciding factor here. The main reason that gamers dislike the USB dongle is because it takes up one of the few USB ports on the PS4.

However, majority of the time, these ports are not being used. If you need to charge a controller, you will likely be doing it while you are not playing a game. The comfort allows for long hours of gaming and the battery life is good enough to not have any interruptions while gaming. The Official Sony PS4 Headset is the best choice here.