TOORUN M26 Bluetooth Headset

TOORUN M26 Bluetooth Headset Review

Bluetooth is constantly improving. The TOORUN M26 provides an excellent addition to the massive revolution of Bluetooth technology. Every year companies work hard to produce new and innovative ways to ensure the best sound quality and comfort while wearing their devices. TOORUN has done a great job in developing a well-rounded Bluetooth headset and here’s whys:


The TOORUN M26 is the perfect headset for any person constantly on the go. Equipped with voice command functions, this headset pairs perfectly with iPhone devices. With the ability to connect to 2 phones at the same time, this headset is one of a kind. Featuring a high-quality noise canceling mic, you will never worry about not being heard again.


  • Noise canceling
  • Ability to connect to 2 devices at once
  • Comfortable to wear for long periods of time
  • Clear audio


  • Pairing issues
  • Bluetooth connectivity issues


The TOORUN M26 Bluetooth Headset has built-in SIRI functionality. The sound quality provided is excellent. The design offers a smooth and comfortable wearing experience. The device also offers several reminders letting you know when the battery is low, medium, or high. It can also notify you of when the device is on or off and when it is pairing or disconnected.

Few Bluetooth headset allows for you to pair with multiple devices at one time. This headset is unique in that manner. While enjoying a call, you do not have to worry about any background noise with the headsets built in noise canceling function.


A close comparison with this headset is the Samsung HM1350. Samsung is well-known for their great products. A great company producing TVs, cellphones, and other technology based items, Samsung is the perfect company to compare the TOORUN M26 Bluetooth headset with. The Samsung HM1350 Bluetooth Headset is a simple yet elegant headset. Let’s discuss some of the differences and similarities between the two devices.

While both headsets feature a hook design, the TOORUN M26 clearly focuses more on comfort. The Samsung HM1350 uses a plastic hard hook to keep the device on your ear. This is very uncomfortable and often does not provide enough support to keep the headset up.

The headset tends to fall off of the ear. On the other hand, the TOORUN M26 offers a soft silicone hook. With a light weight structure, the device is very comfortable and stays secure on your ear.

The range of Bluetooth devices is always a deal breaker. If you cannot rely on your device to stay connected to your phone during an important call, you will be in for a real headache. The Samsung HM1350 has an extremely short Bluetooth connectivity range. Although the TOORUN M26 is not exceptional either. Both suffer from connectivity issues from time to time.

The TOORUN M26 Bluetooth headset is compatible with many different devices. If your device supports Bluetooth, you will be able to connect to it with the TOORUN headset. Since Samsung is responsible for many cellphones on the market, you can expect to not have a single issue connecting your Samsung HM1350 headset to it. If you do not want to take any chances and own a Samsung phone, the Samsung HM1350 is your best option.

The battery life for both devices is great. The Samsung HM1350 lasts up to 8 hours of full talk time. Considering talking on the phone is all that you can do with this device, which is not a bad battery life. The TOORUN M26 can go up to 7 hours of full talk time and 5 hours while listening to music. Both have a standby time of 120 hours.

The Samsung HM1350 Wireless Headset comes with two ear hooks, two ear gels, one charging cable, and a quick start guide. TOORUN packages a charging cable, one ear hook, two additional ear buds, and a user manual. In regard to additional accessories, both devices provide adequate means. Having the ability to change out the ear buds of your headset is a meaningful addition, however.

Over time, earbuds can get nasty. You do not want to walk around with an earpiece filled with ear wax. It is likely that you can buy additional ear buds for the Samsung HM1350. There is a good chance you will want to have them already on hand though.

Connecting to 2 devices at once with the TOORUN Bluetooth headset is simple. With high-quality voice control, you can use SIRI to make calls and do multiple searches for you. With voice commands, TOORUN allows for a completely hands-free experience. It is also great at removing background noise with its noise-cancelling technology.

The Samsung HM1350 only boasts a few features. You can customize the fit of the earpiece with the soft gel tips provided in the packaging. The inline battery will keep you talking for up to 8 hours and just like the TOORUN Bluetooth headset, you can connect to two devices at once. A major downfall of the Samsung HM1350 is that it can only be used for calling.

The device does not support any other audio like songs. This means that if you want to listen to music, you cannot do so with this headset. Music is a pivotal aspect of several people’s lives. This lack of support for music makes choosing between the two headsets easier.


Most people like to choose the most versatile headset they can afford. That is why the best headset between the two is the TOORUN M26 Bluetooth Headset.

Only being able to use the Samsung HM1350 for calls is a major flaw. Many people enjoy listening to their music through the same headset that they make calls from. The TOORUN Bluetooth headset is comfortable and light weight.

Wearing an ear piece that you know is there is not appealing at all. Although the TOORUN M26 has a few pairing issues, it is the clear winner. Just make sure to keep your phone in a close range to the device and you will be good to go.

If you are looking for a comfortable and light-weight Bluetooth headset, the TOORUN M26 can provide you with that. Going on a run or bike ride is not advised when using this headset though as that can easily interfere with any calls you make. The connectivity is not great, but the other features fully make up for the lack of Bluetooth range.