Jabra Sport Plus Wireless Bluetooth

Jabra Sport Plus Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones Review

Jabra has been a reputable name in the music and audio manufacturing industry for a long time now, and the way their products are received in the market says a lot about the quality they offer – both with the product itself and their aftermarket support tradition.

The Jabra Sport Plus Bluetooth Wireless Headphones is yet another quality offering from them, whose design is optimized for sports usage. Standard Bluetooth connectivity is the benchmark for headphones that claim to be designed for sports, which is the most basic feature of the Jabra Sport.

Plus, what puts it ahead of the competition is its ADVANCED NOISE CANCELLATION for phone calls and the DOLBY DIGITAL PLUS SOUND App that offers superior music playback experience. This is coupled with the fact that the high build quality of the Jabra Sport Plus makes it resistant to shocks, rain and dust-proof according to US Military Standard!


  • Wireless Connectivity with Bluetooth.
  • Enhanced music experience with the am3d Power Bass.
  • Controls to take calls, volume control, select music tracks and switch to FM Radio.
  • FM Tuner Built-in.
  • Advanced Noise Cancellation technology for phone calls.
  • Shock Resistance, Rain and Dust-proof according to US Military Standards.
  • Free Endomondo Premium subscription for three months.
  • Can connect to two devices at once.
  • Extra silicone ear gels are provided for the perfect fit to every ear sizes and types.


  • Superior and a perfect fit in the ear, fits every ear size and type.
  • Excellent sound with minimal loss of quality over wireless transfer through Bluetooth.
  • Built in FM Radio Tuner.
  • Extreme weather and environment performance with Shock Resistance, Rain and Dust-proof properties according to US Military Standards.
  • All-important controls ergonomically placed on the headphones.
  • Provision to reject and redial calls, in addition to the basic call receiving function through the buttons provided on the headphones.
  • Minimal confusion with the buttons – fewer buttons perform multiple functions.


  • Occasional connectivity issues with some devices.
  • Some customers faced issues with durability. The product, however, comes with a one-year warranty.


A quick look at the features reveals the fact that the Jabra Sports Wireless Plus headphones offer a lot more than basic Bluetooth connectivity. The wireless connectivity and its rough build make it an ideal choice for the sports lovers, although sportsmen are not the only target audience for this beautiful piece of technology.

It is also a great choice for music lovers alike, with superior music experience offered by the am3d Power Bass technology and the DOLBY DIGITAL PLUS SOUND App included with the device.

The pair of headphones retail at a higher price, but they can be purchased from Amazon website with a 61% savings, which makes the deal impossible to ignore! The headphones come in a gift-ready level packaging and include the following:

  • 1 set of headphones.
  • 1 USB charging cable.
  • 1 carry pouch OR armband.
  • 1 Endomondo Premium subscription voucher.
  • 1 quick start guide & warranty leaflet.
  • 7 pairs of comfort fit ear gels.


In today’s world, the customer is often spoiled for choices and every product has a closely competing product that beats one in some aspects but falls short in others. As a customer, it is imperative that all the available choices be considered and compared in order to make an informed choice – a choice that meets all your expectations because no two guys may look for the same features and have the same priorities.

The Morul Light Weight APT-X wireless headphones set and the Bluetooth enabled Photive PH-BTE70 Wireless Ear buds are two wireless stereo headphone sets that give a tough competition to Jabra Sports Wireless Plus and it is recommended that customers consider their specs to see if these fit their bill as well.


Nothing in this world in perfect and it applies to audio gear as well. It is difficult to find a sports and fitness lover who doesn’t like to listen to music while shedding those calories, and if anything comes close to perfection while fueling this love for music, it is the Jabra Sports Wireless Plus.

The Morul Light Weight APT-X wireless headphones set does a pleasant job in the design department and offers a wide array of features as well, and are available for nearly the same price. But it gets beaten by Jabra Sports Wireless Plus in what matters the most in audio gears – sound quality.

With the am3d Power Bass technology and the DOLBY DIGITAL PLUS SOUND App included with the device, the Sports Wireless Plus is a runaway winner.

Also, the FM radio connectivity feature is missing in Morul Light Weight APT-X, which is definitely a major negative point. The Morul Light Weight APT-X offers IPX7 rating with water resistance, which is remarkable indeed, but lacks behind Jabra Sport Wireless Plus in dust & shock resistance.

Photive PH-BTE70 Wireless Bluetooth ear buds are a very good option as well in the same price band as the Jabra Sports Wireless Plus. But yet again, they find it difficult to beat the Jabra experience when it comes to music quality, thanks to the am3d Power Bass technology. Other areas where the PH-BTE70 fails are FM radio and US Military grade dust, rain & shock protection.

Active noise reduction for calls and freebies like Endomondo premium subscription and the provided 7 sets of comfort fit ear gels is where Jabra Sports Wireless Plus beats both these headphones to race ahead in the good books of customers. All the good features and the trust that lies in the brand ‘Jabra’ make the Jabra Sports Wireless Plus an obvious choice for sports and music lovers alike.

You can have a closer look at these headphones over on Amazon.