Dostyle Bluetooth Headphones

Dostyle Bluetooth Headphones Review

The Dostyle Bluetooth Headphones come with an interesting tri-fold design. The headphones are thus a good choice when you want to put them away in a bag while traveling. The headphones also come with good connectivity. You will be able to connect them to any modern mobile device with the help of the Bluetooth technology. This represents a great wireless alternative and can be a great solution when you jog or work out.

The retractable earbuds are another interesting design feature which is meant to protect your headphones while traveling. The good news is that even with this design; the headphones will work great for incoming calls. This will be the time when the headphones will use vibrations to signal the incoming call.


  • Trifold design
  • High-fidelity stereo sounds quality
  • HD microphone


  • Great battery life
  • Unique design
  • Great for active people


  • Video synchronization with YouTube


If you are looking for innovation, the Dostyle Bluetooth Headphones represent a great option both in terms of performance and in terms of design. If many manufacturers can stills struggle to find the right balance between a modern design and a great audio performance, Dostyle has managed to create unique headphones which sound great. But the outgoing sound is also great as the headphones come with a built-in HD microphone.

One of the main features of the headphones comes with the tri-folding design. This can be a great option if you travel or if you plan to use the headphones at the gym or while out running or cycling. The good news is that the headphones come with an extra protection so you don`t get your hair tangled.

The sound quality of the headphones recommends them for most users. The manufacturer included the Bluetooth 4.1 and the aptX technology which will deliver CD-like performance. If you want to use the headphones to make or receive calls you`ll be able to do this while switching from the music mode. With the CVC 6.0 noise canceling technology and the HD microphone, you`ll be able to enjoy clear sound even while being on the phone.

This is where the design of the headphones might also help you concentrate better. The retractable earbuds can be a great solution when you’re performing exercises and the good news is that you can adjust them to your desired length.

The battery life is another strong point of the headphones. You can expect up to 10 hours of music listening and this will be powered by 2.5 hours of charging. If you want to use the headphones exclusively to make calls, you can expect a battery life up 12 hours before recharging.


The headphones perform very well and can be a great option for many users. But how will they hold up against the numerous competitors? Compared to the Victa 990 wireless headphones, you`ll have to decide which features appeal to you more. This is why the Dostyle Bluetooth Headphones come with an innovative design which might be better suited for some users than Victa`s classic approach. Although both headphones come with retractable earbuds, Victa`s model is not tri-folding. On the other hand, Victa offers up to 16 hours of music listening time.

The Dostyle Bluetooth Headphones thus represent a good alternative if you need to keep the headphones safely stored in a bag while traveling. Their stereo quality also recommends them for the high audio CD-like sound quality. It will be up to you to decide if these features recommend the headphones for your own needs.


The Dostyle Bluetooth Headphones integrate modern technologies to offer a complex approach to music listening while exercising. The headphones also work for incoming and outgoing calls which will make them a recommended choice for busy people. If you are one of the users who combine an exercise routine with a busy schedule and you need your hands-free to commute to and from your work place, the headphones can represent an excellent choice. Their tri-folding design means that you will be able to safely transport them in your gym bag but they can also be easily stored in your car since they don`t require too much space.

Apart from the amazing sound quality, you also expect a good battery life. This means that you can combine music listening and taking calls to get a battery life of 10-12 hours which give them sufficient autonomy before charging them up again for 2.5 hours. Although this is not the longest battery life on the market, it still represents a solid option and with the unique design, the headphones can represent a great alternative to your wired solutions. The Bluetooth technology will work with most of your mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets and the music and calls synchronization will be fast and smooth.