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Top 5 Benefits of Wireless Headphones

It’s time to upgrade your headphones. The newest technology of Bluetooth headphones will change the way you listen to music forever. These wireless Bluetooth headphones don’t require any cables or cords to work. Here are the top 5 benefits of using wireless headphones instead of traditional wired ones. 1. Wireless Headphones Have No Cord Restrictions […]

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Best Headphones Under $50 Bucks

Audio-Technica is a respected name in the audio gear manufacturing industry, and a loved one in the audiophile circuit. They have been making high-grade headphones for music lovers for a long time now and the ATH-M20X is a lower end offering in their brilliant M-SERIES for those on a tight budget. The M20X is an […]

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Best In-Ear Headphones

Audiophiles or people who love high quality sound are widely divided based on the type and genre of music they like. But that is not the place where the divide stops and audiophiles also have different preferences based on the kind of music gear they prefer – earphones, in-ear earphones or on-ear headphones. Here’s something […]

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