AYL Bluetooth Headphones

AYL Bluetooth Headphones Review

Nothing complements a good workout session or a long fitness run like the great music of your choice, but with the kind of movements involved while working out, the earphone wires get in the way and ruin the experience. The AYL Bluetooth Headphones V4.1 takes care of this annoyance with clever use of Bluetooth technology, as one of the many brilliant features it packs in its design!

Just pair your Bluetooth enabled music playback device with the AYL Bluetooth Headphones V4.1 and you never have to worry about the dangling and tangling wires coming in the way of your fitness, while you enjoy superior music playback which sounds great with the active noise cancellation these headphones offer.

The well thought design also ensures you are not out of power with a long lasting battery that will keep going for long workout sessions, many of them in one charge!

The headphones are also sweat-proof making them an obvious choice above all the other similar products that talk more and offer less.


  • Bluetooth enabled, with Bluetooth 4.1 + EDR APT-X technology for audio decoding.
  • CVC 6.0 Digital Noise Reduction Technology.
  • Capability to pair two Bluetooth-enabled devices at once.
  • Long lasting 80 mAh battery that lasts for 7hrs, and an ultra long 175 hr standby time.
  • Longer Bluetooth range up to 10 meters.
  • Inbuilt mic in the headphones for answering calls.
  • Sweat-proof design.
  • Keys to control volume, call answering and song selection on the ear buds for convenience.
  • Works well with almost all Bluetooth devices that run on Android, iOS.


  • Latest Bluetooth Technology that runs with almost all the Bluetooth music playback devices.
  • Long lasting battery and standby time.
  • Truly workout friendly design and practically sweat proof.
  • Excellent sound quality.
  • Decent noise reduction.
  • Provision of a mic to answer calls.
  • All necessary buttons are conveniently placed on the ear buds.


  • The ear buds may not fit every ear size, even with the provided extra ear bud size options.
  • A bit too heavy, which makes them fall out the ear at times.
  • The charging port cover fit is too close, making it difficult to open with ease.


The general rule of thumb is that if the pros are a longer list than the cons, the product is definitely recommended and this is where the AYL Bluetooth Headphones V4.1 scores! It is difficult to find another set of quality headphones with all these features at this price point.

AYL has also taken good care of the fact that they provide everything that is needed to go with these headphones, and you’ll find a USB charger cable, a storage bag for the headphones, six ear hooks, six ear buds, user manual and a service guide listing which offers customer service contact information.

A perfect blend of usefulness and affordability makes the AYL Bluetooth Headphones V4.1 a must in the gym backpack of every fitness lover. The perennial problem with wireless headphones is the loss of reliability over the wireless medium of transfer and a painfully horrible battery life.

But with superior Bluetooth V 4.1 capability and a long lasting battery, the AYL Bluetooth Headphones V4.1 conceals these problems with ease to provide an unmatchable user experience.


The comparison often gives rise to envy and discontent, but this is the case only when your side of the comparison is weaker. The AYL Bluetooth Headphones V4.1 takes the lead against competition in almost every aspect and beats other big brands with its aggressive pricing.

There is a plethora of similarly performing Bluetooth headphones, but the ones that come close in terms of quality are in a completely different price range. And the others that are similarly priced may disappoint in the features department, or they just underperform – there will be some trade-offs.

The Jabra Sports Coach Bluetooth Headphones for Cross Training is an offering from the renowned company Jabra while you also have D-540 Bluetooth Ear buds with Mic as an option.

These two headphones are comparable to the AYL Bluetooth Headphones V4.1 in terms of functionality, and the customers are advised to also consider and compare with these two to make a wise and informed purchase.


The AYL Bluetooth Headphones V4.1 is a rare example of a product that combines the best of everything and still does not burn your pockets. This becomes all the more evident when we look a little closer into what its competitors have to offer.

The Jabra Sports Coach Bluetooth Headphones for Cross Training comes from a reputed brand and is Bluetooth + noise cancellation capable like the AYL headphones. But on keenly examining these headphones, it will be seen that the battery life of AYL Bluetooth Headphone V4.1 is about 30% longer than the Jabra Sports Coach, which is remarkable! Also, another prime factor to consider is the price that you have to pay for the Jabra set, which is about five times more than the AYL Bluetooth Headphone V4.1.

Talking about the price, if that is your prime consideration, let’s also pay the D-540 Bluetooth Ear Buds with its due attention. These Bluetooth ear buds are pretty close when it comes to functionality, and compete fiercely in the price department as well. But the D-540 fails when it comes to design ergonomics which is one of the cons.

And while it supposedly charges in 1.5 hours according to company claims, it discharges pretty fast too and on comparing you will see that the AYL Bluetooth Headphone V4.1 last 230% longer than the D-540. Another deal breaker for the D-540 is that unlike the AYL Bluetooth Headphone V4.1, they are not sweat proof.

Considering the aspects where these two headphones leave you dry; and the stunning design, superb features and brilliant sound quality, the AYL Bluetooth Headphone V4.1 is strongly recommended for fitness lovers who like to enjoy good music while working out.

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